Udama Unity Organization Leads Fact-Checking Project in Ruga Community

Udama Unity Organization Leads Fact-Checking Project in Ruga Community

In a bid to combat misinformation and promote community empowerment, the Udama Unity Organization, also known as Udama 4 Africa, spearheaded the Wasika Zuwa Ruga Project in the Ruga Community, situated behind the University of Abuja Staff Quarters in Giri, Abuja. Led by Mr Zakari Emmanuel, the Executive Director of Udama Unity Organization, the project aimed to raise awareness and sensitize the nomadic community on the importance of fact-checking information.

Upon arrival at the Ruga Community, the team from Udama Unity Organization engaged with the community elders, including Mallam Haruna, the son of the community’s founder. They were warmly welcomed by Gogo, the aged mother of Mallam Haruna and wife of the late community leader. Expressing gratitude for the visit, Gogo prayed for the project’s success, highlighting the significance of the initiative for the community.

During their interaction with the community members, the team emphasised the critical importance of fact-checking information, especially in Nigeria’s current context of insecurity. Highlighting the potential dangers of spreading fake news or rumours, the team underscored the importance of verifying information before dissemination. The nomadic community, who primarily receive their news from radio stations, expressed heartfelt appreciation for the sensitization, noting that it was the first time they had experienced such an initiative.

The Wasika Zuwa Ruga Project successfully impacted over 100 nomads, including women, children, and youths, within the Ruga Community. Through educational outreach and engagement, Udama Unity Organization hopes to contribute to creating a more informed and empowered citizenry, thereby strengthening the fabric of democracy in Nigeria.

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